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Jenny Lydick

Jenny Lydick
Billing & Insurance Manager

Jenny Lydick is the Office Manager for Sweetgrass Chiropractic. With her expertise in insurance billing, she is often referred to as the “go to” person. In 2001 Jenny began her career in Chiropractic in a small town in lower Michigan. It was there she developed a passion for Chiropractic and gained knowledge in insurance. It was her love for the Charleston area that brought her here in June 2004 where she met and interviewed with Dr. Friar and his wife Debbi, there was an immediate connection and she began working for them in July 2004. Jenny is happily married to her husband Ron and is consumed outside of work with her son, Gavin and 3 step daughters, Carson, Taylor and Madison. She is grateful for God providing such an amazing family at work and home. Jenny surely will make every patient she meets feel right at home.