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Neck Pain

Neck Pain and Treatment At Sweetgrass Health & Wellness

Neck pain can be a debilitating condition for those who suffer from it chronically. Contacting Sweetgrass Health & Wellness to make an appointment with our chiropractor Mount Pleasant is an option available if you are suffering from new pain on a routine basis. Here is some general information about neck pain including how chiropractic care as a means of Neck Pain treatment can be beneficial.

woman suffering from neck pain

Why Neck Pain Happens

There are many reasons why someone could become afflicted with neck pain. Sleeping on too few or too many pillows could cause your neck to remain in an awkward position for several hours, leading to pain upon awakening. Whiplash could occur if you are involved in a car accident or personal injury situation. Looking down at a cell phone too frequently could lead to pain in the back of your neck from this action. Improper ergonomics when working can lead to neck pain as well.

How To Avoid Neck Pain

It is impossible to completely safeguard yourself against neck pain, however, there are some precautionary steps that could minimize the chances of suffering from it. Make sure you use one pillow at night to prop up your head so your neck is not bent outside of its normal range of motion. Avoid looking at your cell phone too much. This can be done by setting an alarm to alert you when you have been looking at your screen for several minutes so you can look away and take a rest. Do not perform repetitive movements of the neck without having the chance for frequent breaks. 

Relieving Pain Of The Neck

Taking steps to reduce discomfort and pain in the neck region can be done at home when needed. Apply a warm compress to an area of the neck where you are feeling pain and leave it in place for about twenty minutes before removing it. This will increase blood circulation in the area, which could lead to healing. Gently massaging the affected area can be beneficial as well.

How Chiropractic Care Helps This Condition

Seeing our chiropractor is an effective option to reduce neck pain. Our practitioner will first ask you questions about the pain you are experiencing to help pinpoint the reasoning for discomfort. Spinal adjustments will help to reduce pressure in affected areas, allowing for increased blood flow and healing. The administration of warm compresses or massage may also be used in conjunction with adjustments. Our practice offers non-invasive procedures without the use of medication to obtain results.

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